Art of the Day: Syd Bee

Date posted: October 3, 2013

Syd Bee is an up and coming Seattle artist we’re super excited about at Bellevue Fine Art. She recently graduated from Cornish College of the Arts and now shows in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Her dreamy pastel women and creatures seem to inhabit their own world, which we get a little glimpse of in Syd’s paintings. She also makes comics and zines. She currently lives with her 11 year old cat.

Here is a selection of recent work by Syd:

"Devil Flowers" 8x12

“Devil Flowers” 8×12

"Pink Lady" 12x12

“Pink Lady” 12×12

"Love and Loss" 18x24

“Love and Loss” 18×24

"Somnia 2"

“Somnia 2”

"The Great Boofaloo" 36x36

“The Great Boofaloo” 36×36

Working shot of "All Bubs Are Beautiful"

Working shot of “All Bubs Are Beautiful”

"All Bubs are Beautiful" 8x10

“All Bubs are Beautiful” 8×10

"Willard" and "Black Kitten" 4x5

“Willard” and “Black Kitten” 4×5

Game of Thrones Mini Comic

Game of Thrones Mini Comic

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