Art Scan of the Day by Rae Vena

Date posted: July 2, 2020

Art of the Day by Rae Vena
Art Scan of the Day by Rae Vena. Rae’s work contains a lot of iridescent colors, which are difficult to scan. The job of art scanning has become increasingly difficult over the years as art stores offer more and more iridescent paints. Iridescent paint is more of a property than a color, which makes scanning and printing these paintings difficult.Iridescent paint changes color, or reflective properties, depending on the angle it is viewed at. Since the scanner can only see from one angle, it’s really impossible to create a fine art scan that will capture this property. We can make it look somewhat shiny when we scan the artwork by changing our polar settings, and this helps a lot.

One thing we do is to create giclee prints on photo metallic pearl by Red River, or Metallic Pearl Canvas. When we recreate artwork using metallic pearl canvas and metallic pearl photo paper, it somewhat mimics the iridescent nature of the original artwork. The resulting giclee prints look great, and are quite good at tricking the eye.

Anyway, check out Rae Vena’s artwork on her website.

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