Friday Feature: Watercolor Artists

Date posted: July 2, 2015

Picking up with this Friday Featured Art series again, we’ve got a lovely collection of our favorite Watercolor Artists for you! Each of these talented painters brings color and nuance to their work with this delicate medium. There’s a wide variety of effects possible with watercolor, so we’ve picked this broad grouping to cover different styles and approaches.

"The Brothers" by Laura Dicus

“The Brothers” by Laura Dicus

This majestic landscape piece by Laura Dicus beautifully uses a limited palette to capture the glow of a late dusk evening. Her smooth sky gradients and luminous tonal range showcase her control of a difficult medium.

"Neverending Tulips" by Catherine M James

“Neverending Tulips” by Catherine M James

This colorful tulip meadow by Catherine James vividly captures the explosive energy of spring! James includes such a beautiful balance of tight detail and strong control of color and tone, we can’t get enough of her paintings.

"Romance with Roses" by Elena Balekha

“Romance with Roses” by Elena Balekha

This soft and delicate floral bouquet by Elena Balekha is one of our favorite examples of how watercolor can shine for ethereal portrayals of flowers. Like a swimming dream of petals and light, she highlights the essence of an unfurling rose.

“Gnosis in the Gloaming” by Braden Duncan

Braden Duncan uses a combination of softly rendered watercolor backgrounds with tightly detailed animals and vintage machinery. This unique watercolor style is a refreshing take on an old medium, Mobdro App full of fun and steampunk magic.

"Gladiole" by Redd Walitzki

“Gladiole” by Redd Walitzki

In her main body of work, Redd Walitzki uses a mixed media technique that combines Oil Painting and Watercolor to create an intricate effect. But sometimes Walitzki paints studies and sketches in watercolor alone, which are beautiful and intimate all on their own. This small portrait of model Fox Chalkner is one of our favorites.

"Fox Running" by Tara Alverson

“Fox Running” by Tara Alverson

Based in Alaska, Tara Alverson uses watercolor to document the wildlife and natural beauty of her surroundings. Her minimalist style features confident brushstrokes, which reflect the movement and grace of her subjects.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our feature on some of our favorite watercolor artists! Feel free to share your own watercolor creations with us, especially if you found inspiration from this talented group of painters ♥︎

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