Art Scan of Portrait Painting by Riley Doyle

Date posted: February 6, 2020

Art Scanned by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction, LLC.

This is an art scan of a portrait by Riley Doyle, who is Seattle based contemporary realism painter. He also does landscape paintings and plein air. Riley was exposed to art very early on since his mother was an artist. By the age of 10 he had taken an interest in drawing and image making. In high school he spent most of his time in a photography dark room or the computer lab working with photoshop and illustrator. Once college came he began to train his hand and eye to gain more independence in his art. His studio work consists of large, multi-figure landscapes compositions, which draws from his outdoor plein air studies. Riley is also an adjunct instructor at at Georgetown Atelier. For more information about Riley visit his website

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