Google Business View Photograhy

Google Business View Photography allows people searching for your business on Google maps to “see inside” your business. This means that clients and customers can take a virtual walk through of your business from their computer, iPad or smartphone, with a 360 degree view just like Google Street View!

Adding a virtual tour of your business and correctly setting up your business on google maps by including your business on can increase your visibility and help potential clients and customers find your products and services.

Only a Google Trusted Photographer can do the 360 degree virtual photos for business after having been certified by Google. So let our team capture your business with our expertise & trained eye to increase your visibility in google searches to bring in more clients.

Small Business Service packages include:

Starting at $250.00

  • Up to 5 Virtual Tour viewpoints
  • Up to 10 Static “Point of Interest” Photographs of your business
  • Help with Setup of Google+ Local page (if needed)
  • Integration into Google Street View on Google Maps
  • Help integrating “see inside” images on your website. We also offer self hosted panoramic tours for your website at no additional cost.

What’s included in a 360 panoramic business tour?:

A high resolution 360 degree virtual of your business on Google Maps and/or self hosted panoramic tour, and up to 10 regular photographs that you can use on your website, in brochures and other collateral for your business. 10 Feature Photos (POIs) of feature aspects your business. These include your exterior, interior, business details, menu, plates of food, merchandise, etc.

You will be provided all the Photographs, and you may use these photos as extra content on your website and/or other social media and printed material with no restrictions.

The only prerequisite to have photos added to Google Maps is a Google+ Business Page (also/formerly Google Places for Business). If you don’t already have one, we can help you set that up, or you can go here to Google My Business and sign up for one now. Anyone can set up a free Google+ Business Page, but only the business owner can claim the listing by verifying their status. Once verified, you can upload photos and maintain your business info on Google Maps, allowing clients to more easily find you and contact you.

The process is very easy. If a business already has a Google Places page, then we can come out to shoot your panorama tour images as well as up to 10 featured images and publish them right away so they will appear along side Google search results and in Google Maps. The business owner can also embed their tour on their own website.

Any business from a retail store to restaurant, auto dealership to bar, or even toy stores can do it. We all know that almost everyone looks for goods and services by starting with a search on Google, so why wouldn’t you want them to see your tour right away and draw more customers into your business?

It’s an easy streamlined process. Just give us a call at 425-749-7396, or fill out our online appointment form. We’ll come to your business and spend a couple of hours  photographing your business and publish it to Google Maps.

You don’t need to be closed or do anything special. Customers are not inconvenienced and faces are blurred for privacy. Payment is due at the time of the photo shoot.


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