Events: In My Bones by Syd Bee at Antler Gallery

Date posted: June 29, 2015

In My Bones

Artist Syd Bee recently premiered her first solo show at Antler Gallery, “In My Bones”. It was a dazzling night of art in Portland, coinciding with the vibrant Alberta Street Art Fair, and artist David Rice’s solo also at Antler “Two Creeks.”


Syd Bee with her artwork

About the show via Syd:

“In My Bones” first began as a fascination with spiritualism and the idea that another world could be accessed, if only we had the proper faculty. My interest in that curiosity to make otherworldly connections evolved to include how it can also be applied to our need for emotional development.

In a way, I’m conducting an exchange with tender, sometimes haunting feelings like vulnerability, heartache, longing and fear, and the desire to overcome them. This series aims to make a connection with that which possesses us, but cannot be seen.”







Antler Gallery Co-Owner Neil M Perry




Artists Casey Weldon and Amanda Stalter

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Artist Redd Walitzki befriending the gallery Mascot

For a more in-depth interview with Syd about this show, check out her recent interview on HiFructose

Event Photography by Redd Walitzki/Bellevue Fine Art

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