About Us

Serving the greater Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond area, Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction is a premier fine art reproduction studio specializing in fine art scanning and art reproduction using the giclée printing process.

At BFA, working with artists is all we do –  we have a passion for art, and cater only to artists and fine art photographers. Our team is made up entirely of trained artists, with extensive backgrounds in Fine Art and Photography. Everyone here is an artist and has a degree in Fine Art. Therefore we uniquely understand other artist’s special needs and concerns! Bellevue Fine Art is the premier fine art scanning and reproduction service in the Northwest, serving artists of all kinds, galleries, and collectors, producing only the finest art prints and art scans possible.

Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction has been proudly serving the art community in the Seattle area for ten years doing art scanning and making giclee prints. We opened our doors in 2007, recognizing the need for art scanning services and art printing services that specifically cater to the arts community. Since then we’ve built great relationships with hundreds of local artists and businesses, and expanded our team and services. We’re very excited for what the future will bring!

BFAR is conveniently located in South Bellevue near the 405 and I-90 Bellevue Way Exit. We are 15 minutes from downtown Seattle or West Seattle, and directly on the 550 Express bus route, one block from the South Bellevue Park and Ride. 

About Our Team

Scott Moore

Scott Moore / Owner

Originally a native of Oregon, Scott has degrees from Montana State University & University of Hawaii, and has attended exchanges and independent studies at the University of Grenoble in Grenoble, France, Togo, Africa, and Japan. Scott has a long history in graphics and fine arts, as well as 15 years of business and technology experience in software and hardware development, specializing in joint development with Asian companies. Ten years of that time was spent living and working in Japan. Scott is also an artist and photographer, who’s work is strongly inspired by living around the world. Scott has participated in group art shows at Seattle’s Saloon Gallery & True Love Gallery. Scott’s art can be viewed online on his art website.

Dinah J

Dinah J is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in oil portraiture and absurd performance. Her work is sometimes humorous, awkward, gross, or uncomfortable. Recent projects include respectful male nude portraits, actual size paintings of light switches and outlets, and a thirty minute original musical performed for an audience of 17 people crammed into rows of folding chairs in her collaborator’s bedroom. You can find her work on her website dinahj.com and instagram @dinahstea. Her specialties at Bellevue Fine Arts include customer service and encouraging her coworkers to respond to creative gigs on craigslist.  

Latifah AlSaad

Latifah AlSaad is a Graphic Designer and a certified Natural Science Illustrator. She loves to work with her hands and experiments with different mediums; however, her signature style consists of a modified stipple technique using pen and ink. Some of Latifah’s passions include science and nature, which is apparent in her Art. She has found that she is particularly drawn to bones and plants. Latifah had worked alongside the Entomology department at the Natural History Museum of the LA County where she spent some time drawing fly genitalia and went on to create some Graphic Design work as well. Some of her work can be found on her website or @Las.cv. Latifah hopes that one day she can make a difference through art.

Tomoko Akamine

Tomoko Akamine has her associates degree in elementary education from Osaka, Japan. Tomoko is a Japanese national and helps with all of the finishing, framing, packaging giclee prints and accounting, as well as making us the best lunches in the world.
Tomoko Akamine

Tomoko Akamine

JJ The Dog

JJ is the resident art critic for BFAR. She is the four-time champion of the prestigious “Studio Assistant of the Year Award”.  JJ is 10 years old and eager to see you (and your art) here in the studio. JJ loves art scanning and giclee printing, and squirrels.  jayjay- bio

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