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Our Shipping Rates

We use UPS Ground unless you have requested a different service. In the state of Washington, the package usually arrives in one or two days, other locations may take longer. You will also be emailed tracking information by UPS, which includes a delivery estimate. UPS provides daily pick-up from our studio, usually between 11-2pm. If your shipment misses the pickup on a certain day, it will go out on the next business day.

2016 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

  • Fri Dec 16 – Eastcoast (Orange 5 Business Day Zone)
  • Mon Dec 19 – Midwest (Brown 4 Business Day Zone)
  • Tues Dec 20 – Central (Green 3 Business Day Zone)
  • Weds Dec 21 – West (Umber 2 Business Day Zone)
  • Thursday Dec 22 – Pacific NW (Yellow 1 Business Day Zone)

UPS Shipping Times

Please note – the shipping times in our Holiday 2016 Shipping list are in reference to transit time only, and don’t include production time. It takes us 3-5 Business Days to create and package your prints. We are taking a limited amount of Rush Projects (with additional Rush fees) on a case by case basis. You can also upgrade to a faster than Ground UPS Option – we will calculate the cost based on the size and weight of the finished package.

Small items and stacks of multiple prints are shipped flat, and larger prints and un-stretched canvases are shipped in tubes. We base our shipping prices on UPS Rates, with a small surcharge for packaging materials. Most print orders are between $15-$25 to ship (including packaging) however large orders and finished canvases may be more. When your order is finished, you will receive an invoice from us which includes the shipping charges for your order. After we receive payment for the order, it is shipped out. 

Sample Shipping Costs

(Please note these are just to give you a general idea of Shipping Charges, and will vary based on your location and the weight of the package)

  • Shipping Tube (17″ – 24″): $15
  • Mini Package (5×7 and smaller, ships via USPS Priority): $10
  • Small Package (sample size 12x16x4): $15-$25
  • Medium Package (sample size 18x24x4): $20-$30
  • Large Package (sample size 24x36x4): $30+

    Shipping Tubes for rolled prints

    A flat package of prints

    Large Shipping box with custom "Fragile" labels ready for pickup

    Large Shipping box with custom “Fragile” labels ready for pickup

    Sending Us Originals to Scan

    Don’t be afraid to ship us your original artwork! Artists are understandably concerned about shipping their original artwork for scanning, but with proper packing, care and tracking, there’s nothing to be worried about. In today’s world we can track a package real time and know exactly where it’s at, eliminating some of the stress associated with shipping valuable items.

    Original artwork should always be double boxed. In other words, a box within a box, usually with popcorn/newsprint/insulation between them. This way if a box is mishandled or dropped in shipping, the artwork is sufficiently protected. Always mark the outside of the box as fragile.

    Framed artwork should have glass removed before shipping. Glass increases the chances of damage, and we need to remove the artwork from behind glass in order to scan it anyway.

    Finally, use paper and packing materials between pieces of artwork. Don’t stack originals on top of each other without something separating each one. Be careful to use materials that won’t stick to the artwork! For example, some types of paper can stick to varnish, so shiny oil or acrylic paintings should be separated with plastic or foam. Watercolor and drawings can be separated with acid free paper.

    Example of a wooden shipping crate ideal for sending original artwork

    Shipping crate with helpful cinnamon roll

    Note: All shipping charges are paid for by the client and include:

    • Sending prints
    • Returning film, original artwork
    • Mailing CDs or DVDs
    • Sending proofs

    Please consult the websites below to estimate shipping rates:

    Original art will be returned in its original packing. If repacking is required we may need to charge you a small materials fee. Shipping is billed at cost + 10%.

    We will always use the most economical shipping method possible, taking into consideration the time-frame in which you need to receive your artwork and giclee prints. We use UPS and on occasion USPS to return artwork and ship print orders. If you have another shipping company you would prefer, please include a return label with your original shipment. We will contact you to make arrangements for pickup if it is a non-standard shipping company.

    Packing Artwork & Prints

    We strongly recommend packing original art in a packing box that cannot be bent easily. Original artwork should be packed with acid free paper covering the face of the artwork, and if possible it should be wrapped inside plastic inside the box. Make sure the artwork or film is also surrounded
    by bubble wrap.

    Note that prints, especially canvas prints, should not be packed with bubble wrap directly contacting the artwork. Bubble wrap has a chemical in it that interacts with the UV coatings on the canvas and will leave a permanent mark. The same is true of wood furniture with varnish. Instead wrap the artwork in butcher paper and then a layer of foam, or popcorn.

    Properly label the package so the shipper is aware of the fragile contents:

    Shipping Finished Giclée Canvas

    When shipping finished (stretched) giclée canvas, we highly recommend taking care to pack it with soft packing around the face and sides of the print. We find bubble wrap to do the best job. The problem is that the giclee canvas prints are delicate. Any pressure on the face will leave a dent, and the corners and sides ding easily. All that being said, once they are hanging in their final destination they are quite durable and will last a lifetime. But care should be taken in getting them to their final resting spot.

    • Protect the front from having pressure applied to it.
    • protect the corners from being dinged and scratched.
    • Be careful of tape! Tape is handy for packing, but stray strips of tape around giclee prints is a hazard.

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