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Fine Art Scanning Services and Pricing

New Scan pricing chart 2023
Pricing Chart Cheat Sheet

Scans are $75 each for 4 scans or more


We offer discounts for bulk scanning!

Clients with large collections of works that need to be scanned should contact us for a quote. Pricing depends on the nature and difficulty of the artwork and post-editing.

We do our best to fit as many pieces in one scan, 

but batching is at our discretion

We may not be able to batch scan certain types of artwork, like pieces with different depth, very shiny work, pieces that contain metallic/iridescent pigments, and framed pieces behind glass. We can let you know when we see the artwork. 

Oversize Scans

For larger scans, or scans that require special handling, a special quote may be necessary. This might include things like large pastels, large rolled up pieces that are 10′ long, blueprints, and other artwork that is a liability for us due to size, form and weight. Please email us with details if your artwork fits in this category.

Artwork by Virginie Ropars (taken at Krab Jab Studio)
Sculpture Art

Minimum of $100. Onsite photo capture available upon request. 

From large to small, we can capture sculpture as well. Obviously large sculpture art requires us to go on site. Please contact us for a quote. 

Piles of art

Documents, Scrapbooks, Sketchbooks, etc.

Do you have piles of art? Stacks of sketch books? Hoards of photo albums?

Please contact us for a quote. We offer bulk scanning of things that require high end scanning but don’t necessarily need to be scanned for reproduction purposes with color correction and editing. 

Architectural Blueprints


We often get asked to scan blueprints, especially old blueprints and schematics that can’t be run through a roller. 

Yes, we can do that! We can provide a quote based on the size and number of blueprints. We are able to handle blueprints without damaging them or running them through a scanner with rollers.

Additional Fees

Special Scanning Job?

We offer custom quotes for bulk jobs or out of the ordinary scanning for things like artist sketchbooks, photo collections, scrapbooks, slides, old books, journals, stamp collections, maps, old blueprints,  architectural drawings,  and other memorabilia. Whatever it is, we can scan it.