Art of the Day: Paul Knutzen

Date posted: October 23, 2013

Paul Knutzen is a local artist who currently lives in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of South Seattle. Paul attributes his interest in art to his father, a painter himself, who exposed Paul to a wide range of art as a child. He graduated from Seattle Central Community College with a degree in graphic art and soon found a home in the video game industry, where he spent over a decade creating 3D environments.

Much of Paul’s artwork reflects his strong affection for architecture and the organic elements found in man-made structures. He enjoys experimenting with different mediums and surfaces in order to create subtle and unpredictable textures in his artwork. When he is not working in his garage studio, Paul can often be found wandering city streets with a camera looking for inspiration in unusual buildings, trains, colorful signage, or local street art.

Here are a few of our favorites!





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