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APRIL 25, 2023

Art of the Day by Scott Moore

Art of the Day by Evan Hilsenberg-Riley



Art of the Day by Evan Hilsenberg-Riley

Evan is a Pacific Northwest native, who grew up in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. She cultivated a love for impressionism and color therapy while pursuing fine art courses at Washington State University (in glorious Pullman, Washington). “I have long been mesmerized and inspired by the variance of light, color, patterns and texture found in nature. I incorporate elements of that fascination into my pieces through application techniques and color selection. It is my hope that these pieces invoke a sense of serenity.” You can see more of Evan’s work at:

This was an interesting art scan. Usually when we scan artwork, the artist wants a copy that is as close to the original art as possible. But sometimes artists have something else in mind when asking for a scan of their art. Artists do that kind of thing. In this case the artist wanted us to help separate the elements in the painting into different layers. In this way the artist could use photoshop to change the hue in each of the elements in the painting in order to create many different giclee prints. In this way the artist now has an asset that can be used in combination with home decor in order to provide artwork that will match the setting. Change the hues to create a new painting, then print it on canvas. The new giclee canvases have many possibilities.

I say “print on canvas”, but really you can print the varying art prints on any of our fine art papers, like the hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl, and the Hahnemuhle Fine Art Satin, or Canson Aquarelle watercolor paper. The possibilities for giclee printing are endless.

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