Art Scan of the Day by Miguel Ludert

Date posted: August 4, 2020

Art of the Day by Miguel Ludert
Art of the Day by Miguel Ludert.It’s always a pleasure to scan artwork like this painting by Miguel Ludert. The artwork is well done. The colors in the painting are bold and the detail is crisp. With large art scans with a reflective surface, it’s hard to get a good scan. We achieve fine detail in the art scan with our cross polarized art scanning setup. This allows us to get great detail without all the specular highlights (little white shiny spots) that you often see in Fine Art Photography.For fine art scanning, proper lighting is very important. We have large, full spectrum lights with diffusers and polarized sheets to cut the glare. This also gives us sufficient lighting for the art scan, which allows us to create fantastic giclée prints.

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