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APRIL 25, 2023

Art of the Day by Scott Moore

 Today's art of the day is a beautiful drawing of this snow owl done by Katrina Haffner
I loved scanning this gouache painting of a snow owl. The owl and the mushrooms are great together. What a fun art scan.Sometimes the challenge of

Scanning artwork like this is the inked background. Scanning an inked background like this is hard because the scanner sees all the imperfections and gradients. The scanner sees things in the artwork our eye doesn’t see. Therefore sometimes like this we take extra steps, and we slightly edit that background black to be darker. We make it just slightly darker in the lights of the dark. This way when we make giclee prints, the final print looks to our eye more like the original. To get a really good art scan, each piece of artwork presents its own challenge. This is what makes art scanning so difficult. We don’t just push a button. We put a lot of work into making sure that snow owl looks just right, so clients are proud to sell the giclee prints. You can purchase Katrina’s giclee prints at

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