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APRIL 25, 2023

Art of the Day by Scott Moore

Here’s a new piece by one of our favorite artists, “Transformation” by Chris Sheridan. We always love seeing his work in the studio!

Transformation by Chris Sheridan
Transformation by Chris Sheridan

Sheridan’s work explores folklore and mythology, painted with confident raw brushstrokes and vibrant colors. Stories are the lifeblood of his paintings, which draw influence from the effects of magic and religion as cultural phenomena that shaped our early societies. They explore the disconnect between historical rituals and beliefs and the roles of figures in contemporary settings, and illustrate that the space between these two worlds is sometimes a vast chasm, while at other times it is merely skin deep. Here are some more of our favorites:

© All Rights Reserved Christ Sheridan
“Headed West”


Driven back…on the fish-wreathed bosom of Amphitrite, Artwork by Chris Sheridan
Driven back…on the fish-wreathed bosom of Amphitrite
The Better Bombshell
The Better Bombshell

Chris-Sheridan-Lady-Parts-2-web Chris-Sheridan-Lady-Parts-1-web

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