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Art of the day by Rachelle Kearns Seattle Art Scanning

Artwork by Rachelle Kearns

    Art of the day by Rachelle Kearns Title: Bloom – Hosea “An awakening of color is unfolding before me. Joy is found in the unseen. My minds eye digests the beauty and my soul chases after it… Over the next few months I look forward to working on the ‘bloom’ series of paintings […]

Art of the day by Marin Burnett – Seattle Art Scanning

Art by Marin Burnett

Marin Burnett is a self taught artist living in Seattle, Washington. Marin has a love for portraits and people. Check out more of Marin’s work on her webstite, at or her Instagram: @m.a.artist #art #artistsofinstagram #seattle #artscanning #fineart #artpreproduction #artprints Art Scanning Seattle, Art scans, photographing metallics, scanning artwork

Art of the day by Scott Musgrove

Octopus Admiring Reflection by Scott Musgrove

Scott’s paintings often depict mythical creatures in surreal natural settings. Each painting tells a story, and those stories and background on his painting career and inspirations can be found on his website. Scott’s work is shown at galleries around the world, and can currently be seen at Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle. Check out […]

Art of the day by Nina O’Neil

Art by Nina O'Neil

Art of the day by Nina O’Neil Nina loves to portray narratives through a cast of characters in unexpected contexts, and utilize color and expressive brushstrokes to convey their emotion. “I also like to celebrate the mundane, but regardless of the subject matter, be it a mighty cheeseburger, a Saint or a bowling shoe, my […]

Art of the day by Heather Gamble

Fairy Wings by Heather Gamble

Heather Gamble is a commercial fantasy artist. She hails from the state of Washington. Heather sells her art on Etsy and regularly does commissioned work. You can find Heather at Norwescon between in Seattle, now that art shows and events have reopened. Instagram: @heather_wingsoffantasy Seattle giclee printing, Seattle art scanning, art scanning for artists […]