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Art of the day by Samson Pollen

Art of the day by Samson Pollen We were recently asked to scan a painting that had been in a family collection for many years. We often get hidden gems like this in our line of work. This painting was reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, and we researched the artist and talked with the client about […]

Art of the day by Travis Brassfield

Travis Brassfield - Boxer

Does anyone else see the American flag in tatters here? Travis’ artwork is truly one of a kind, and the art he creates is beyond our imagination. Travis says, “I want to provoke a line of thought from people, using iconography, imagery, and movement. Not to hammer home a specific edict or proclamation.” Travis’ prints […]

Art of the Day by Grace Flott

Art by Grace Flott

Art of the Day by Grace Flott Visual artist Grace Athena Flott @Graceathenaart hails from Eastern Washington and has called Seattle home for the last ten years. Grace is an award winning figurative painter and she has a solo show opening on May 5, 2022 @figuregroundgallery Check out more of her amazing art on her […]

Art of the day by Miguel Eduardo

Art by Miguel Eduardo

Miguel’s work will be on display in April, 2022 at Cafe LuLu in Seattle Limited edition pashmina scarves: Art Scanning Seattle, high resolution art scans #spritituality, #visionaryart, #popsurrealism #artistsofinstagram #seattle #artscanning #fineart #artpreproduction #artprints

Art of the Day by Tenhun (Peter Robinson)

Peter Robinson Tenhun

We recently got to scan a collaboration between Tenhun (Peter Robinson), that had been painted by numerous artists from around the world. When we went to send it back, we just couldn’t reuse the beat up box that it came in. This was its last stop on its world tour. So we used an Banksy […]