Art of the Day

Art of the Day. Daily selection of art from our scanning.

Art of the day by Olga Bolgar

Date posted: March 16, 2022

[caption id="attachment_8147" align="aligncenter" width="804"] ... Read full post

Art of the day by Scott Musgrove

Date posted: March 15, 2022

Scott's paintings often depict mythical creatures in surreal natural settings. Each painting tells a story, and those stories and background on his painting career and inspirations can be found on his website. Scott's work is shown at galleries aroun ... Read full post

Art of the day by Leo Shallet

Date posted: March 14, 2022

Leo Shallat is an artist from Seattle, WA, with a background in graffiti and mural art, with a focus on typography and deconstructed letterforms. His work is a contemporary interpretation of traditional calligraphy. Recent Clients Include ... Read full post

Art of the day by Marin Burnett

Date posted: March 11, 2022

Marin Burnett is a self taught artist living in Seattle, Washington. Marin has a love for portraits and people. Check out more of Marin's work on her webstite, at or her Instagram: @m.a.artist #art #artistsofinstagram ... Read full post

Art of the day by Jean Bronson Galli

Date posted: March 9, 2022

Jean is passionate about saving the wildlife and bringing awareness to the environment. Go take a look at her instagram account @jeanbronson for more phenomenal drawings of animals! ... Read full post