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Art Scan of the day by Sarah Hammel


We enjoyed scanning this artwork by Sarah Hammel this week. We love the style. You can also follow her on Instagram @

Friday Feature: The Figure in Oils

This week we have a round up of our favorite recent figurative classical oil paintings. This group of artists shares a high degree of technical accomplishment in rendering the human form, while still leaving the brushstrokes room to expressively shine. Hopefully you find their portrayal of the figure in oils as inspiring as we do! […]

Art of the Day: Camille Rose Garcia

We recently had the pleasure of scanning Camille Rose Garcia’s new artwork from her Roq la Rue solo show. Garcia has been a key part of the evolving Low-Brow and Pop Surrealist scene, and her new pieces are a vibrant celebration of the macabre themes she embraces. With her hi-gloss finishes, neon colors and glitter […]

The Artwork of Kate Protage

Top of the Bridge by Kate Protage - fine art scan and giclee prints

Today we got to scan this beauty – “It Really Was That Blue” by Kate Protage, 6′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas. Lovely Work! It Really Was That Blue 72x 48 Protage is known for her dreamy urban landscapes, painted expressively and blurring the line between realism and abstraction. Below are a few more of […]