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Epson SureColor P9570 Review

We have recently purchased two Epson SureColor P950 printers, and it’s a mixed bag.  We bought them to replace two P-9000’s, and because we needed something faster, we chose the Epson SureColor P9570. First, the P-9570 is fast. There is no question that having twice the speed helps in a production environment. So that part […]

Art scan of the day by Matt Lome

Art by Matt Lome

Art of the day by Matt Lome, captured by Fine Art Scan by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction. This was a massive chalk pastel drawing, measuring over six feet long. This presented a special challenge for art scanning. You can’t touch chalk pastel drawings when scanning, so the art scan can’t be done on a flatbed […]

Art Scan of the day by Cole Johnston

Artwork by Cole Johnson, Art Scanning, Pencil Drawing, Fine Art Giclee Prints

Art of the day by Cole Johnston Title: Cash This is an art scan of a hunting dog. The drawing is pencil on paper, which creates a special challenge. Scanning drawings that leave a lot of white space is very difficult. You cannot leave the white as it is or the scan will look dull. […]

Art Scan of the Day by Miguel Ludert

art by Miguel Ludert, Painting, Seattle Artist, Art Scan

Art of the Day by Miguel Ludert.It’s always a pleasure to scan artwork like this painting by Miguel Ludert. The artwork is well done. The colors in the painting are bold and the detail is crisp. With large art scans with a reflective surface, it’s hard to get a good scan. We achieve fine detail […]

Art of the day by Katrina Haffner

Art by Katrina Haffner

I loved scanning this gouache painting of a snow owl. The owl and the mushrooms are great together. What a fun art scan.Sometimes the challenge of Scanning artwork like this is the inked background. Scanning an inked background like this is hard because the scanner sees all the imperfections and gradients. The scanner sees things […]