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Art of the day by Leo Shallet

Date posted: March 14, 2022

Leo Shallat is an artist from Seattle, WA, with a background in graffiti and mural art, with a focus on typography and deconstructed letterforms. His work is a contemporary interpretation of traditional calligraphy. Recent Clients Include ... Read full post

Art of the day by Nina O’Neil

Date posted: March 8, 2022

Art of the day by Nina O'Neil "Regardless of the subject matter, be it a mighty cheeseburger, a Saint or a bowling shoe, my desire and intention is to represent that subject in the most engaging manner possible. Painting as a form of storytelling ... Read full post

Epson SureColor P9570 Review

Date posted: February 25, 2022

We have recently purchased two Epson SureColor P950 printers, and it's a mixed bag.  We bought them to replace two P-9000's, and because we needed something faster, we chose the Epson SureColo ... Read full post

Australian Fire Charity Giclee Print Sale

Date posted: January 24, 2020

All of us here have been heartbroken to watch the devastating fires throughout Australia. Entire ecosystems have been destroyed, so many precious lives lost. This affects all of us. Bellevue Fine Art wants to help, so we’ve partnered with the very ... Read full post

The science of color matching

Date posted: September 21, 2019

The science of color is based on Color Matching, the ability to match any color using 3 basic colors, red, green and blue. Results of color matching lead through color space, to a color map called the Chromaticity Diagram. That defines a standard way ... Read full post