Fine Art Scanning Services and Pricing

Bulk scanning:  Email us for a special quote if you have a very large number of scans or special projects like artist sketch books, collections etc. We are always happy to provide a quote for large projects or jobs that don’t fit our standard scan pricing below.

A single Scan Cost:  covering an area of up to 36″x48″ is $90.00. We will put up to two images in a scan for $90.00. We charge a $15.00 separation fee for additional images, and we will put up to four images in a scan.

Gold and Iridescent: $120 per scan. Note that we charge extra for metallic and iridescent paint as it takes much more work.

New Scan pricing chart 2022

New Scan pricing chart 2022

Scan Price Includes: 

    • Basic editing/color correction and a single small color proof of each image
    • A full size tif file of your image at 300 ppi, and a standard web size .jpg for sharing
      your image on social media. We provide a dropbox download link for the files. 
    • Our scans are at least 300 ppi @ the size of the original artwork
    • Work can generally print 2x larger than the original due to the high scan quality
    • If additional color proofing is necessary, additional proof costs are based on studio time billed at $100 an hour.

Please use our Drop-Off Form before coming

Note: The scanning area is approximately 36″x48″. For smaller artwork we can batch-scan images together as a single scan, with an additional separation and editing fee as reflected in the above pricing table. Batched artwork cannot be “edge to edge” in the area, there must be some room for us to include our focus and color cards. Batched artwork must also all be the same depth (ie. we can scan flat pieces together, or 1″ thick pieces together, but not a mixture of both).

Batching is at our discretion! Certain types of artwork can’t be scanned as a batch very easily. This includes very shiny work, framed pieces behind glass and pieces that contain metallic or iridescent pigments. When we see your work we can tell you if your work is not batchable.

What we do not promise or provide with your scan: We do not promise an absolute perfect museum match of your artwork. We come as close as possible, and in most cases the color a very very close match. Our goal is to offer reasonably priced scans that working artists can afford.

If we agree that something about your scan is off, and we should have done a better job, we will make the color adjustments free of charge. However, if we know we have struggled with that particular aspect of your image, and it will be extra work, then we may ask for extra editing fees. This is up to our discretion.

Extra file formats etc: We provide a full size TIF file, and a reduced size jpg for web and social media. If you want us to provide special formats and sizes for things like art submissions, or CYMK conversions, or a different format “for your other printer” etc, we will charge extra for that. We love to please our clients and help our clients, but we cannot be a free graphics art department.

Image Size
Images Per Scan Cost
8×10 – 18×24 1 – 2 $90.00
8×10 – 12×16 3 $105.00
8×10 – 11×14 4 $120.00
16×20 – 18×24 2 $90.00
24×36 – 36″x48″ 1 $90.00
48×48 – 40″x60″ 1 $140.00
≻ 40″x60″ 1 $175 +

Oversize scans and difficult to handle scans: For larger scans, or scans that require special handling, a special quote may be necessary. This might include things like large pastels, large rolled up pieces that are 10′ long, and other artwork that is a liability for us due to size, form and weight. Please email us with details if your artwork fits in this category.

Rush scans: IF we are able to do rush scans, a minimum rush fee of $50 will be applied. Please email us at to see if we can accommodate a rush scan. Our ability to do rush scans is based on our current scanning queue and the editors who will do the job.

Watch a video of our Art Scanning Process

Frequently Asked Questions about our Scans

Additional Services: (not included in the standard scanning price)

  • *Additional Color Correction: For extensive color correction our editing rate applies. In cases where we must do multiple physical proofs to get colors 100% perfect as per the clients liking, we may charge additional editing fees.
  •  Complicated digital restorations: Removing extensive damage (yellowing, tearing, water spots, etc) is not included in the basic scanning price.

Please feel free to contact us for a custom quote if you have questions about your particular project!

Bulk Scanning: Clients with large collections of works to be scanned should contact us for a quote. We offer discounts for bulk scanning. Pricing depends on the nature and difficulty of the artwork and post-editing.

Offsite Photo Shoots: Custom Quote depending on location, travel time etc.

Our Fine Art Scanning Services deliver fantastic results for:

      • Oil Paintings and Acrylic Paintings
      • Charcoal and Pastel Drawings
      • Watercolors
      • Encaustic
      • Detailed Pen and Ink Drawings
      • Collage and Mixed Media Works
      • Framed Antique Works

Other types of Art Scanning

      • Large & Medium format film and transparencies: $25* includes basic editing and dust/scratch removal
      • Flatbed Scan of a single image: $15 each* maximum size of images can be 8.5″x11″, best for small images that need to be printed large, includes basic editing and dust/scratch removal
      • Flatbed scan of 35mm slides: $10 each* includes basic editing and dust/scratch removal. We can quote bulk jobs for discounts.
      • Sculpture artists: We have a great camera and studio setup for Photographing 3D Art such as sculpture, clay, glass, jewelry etc. Please email for a quote. We have a minimum charge of $100 for studio and product photography.

Editing and Proofing

      • Editing services: $100 per hour, prorated every 15 minutes.
      • Proofs: 8″x10″ proofs are $10 each locally, $10 + shipping for clients living outside the Seattle area.

      If you are a repeat customer, and would like to skip proofing and add prints to your scan order, please submit a separate Print Order Form and note that the prints are part of a Scan Order. We always urge First Time Clients to look at proofs before ordering prints.

      If you have questions about your art scan or art printing order, feel free to email us or call us. Email is our preferred method of communication (

      Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction specializes in reproducing artwork, Watercolor, watercolor painting, oil paintings, charcoal paintings, pastel, chalk, pen & ink, and other hard to reproduce artwork. We work for artists who present their work at art fairs, art shows, art galleries, galleries, art exhibitions, and more. We scan nude art, figure drawing, figure paintings, acrylic paintings, acrylics. We use archival pigment inks, using giclée, and make fine art prints, giclee prints for photographers, photography, photo labs. Art scanning is our specialty. We have been scanning artwork in the Seattle area for 15 years now. We are the #1 Seattle art scanning service provider.

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