Art of the Day

Art of the Day. Daily selection of art from our scanning.

Art of the day by Karen Whitworth

Date posted: October 31, 2014

Today’s art of the day is by Karen Whitworth. Karen is a Washington based artist, but sells most of her work in Hawaii. Check out her FB fan page for more information on Karen’s artwork. ... Read full post

Art of the Day: Lindsay Stapleton Anatomical Illustration

Date posted: September 2, 2014

Lindsay Stapleton creates beautiful illustrations that blend human anatomy with floral forms. From lungs that transform into lichens, to cabbage leaves softly turning into hands, her strong line-quality ... Read full post

Art of the Day by Kirsten Michael

Date posted: August 22, 2014

This week ended on a good note. It's always interesting to see what will come through the studio, and this week's pleasant surprise was by Kirsten Michael. These paintings are ink on wood, each full of incredible detail and full of life. To learn ... Read full post

Art of the Day: Encaustic works by Abra Johnson

Date posted: August 12, 2014

  Normally when we think of encaustic work we envision soft edges, abstract images and a sort of waxy, foggy ephemeral look. But Abra Johnson does encaustic paintings with detail that resembles oil paint, with lots of texture, detail and dept ... Read full post

Art of the Day by Carla Paine

Date posted: July 17, 2014

Today’s art of the day is by Carla Paine, who paints landscapes, portraits and figurative works using what might best be described as “traditional European realism”. Carla received her education and training at The School of the ... Read full post