Fine Art Printing  Services

We offer a wide variety of papers and substrates to choose from, making your fine art printing experience much more interesting and exciting. We carry many types of fine art paper, and will help you choose the paper that will look best for your fine art reproduction. Fine art printing services is our middle name.

Quick Recommended Paper Guide:

Smooth Bright White Rag PaperCanson Museum Velin
Textured Watercolor Paper Canson Arches Infinity Rag
Matte Paper for Dark or Very Saturated ImagesHahnemühle Photo Rag Satin
Rag Paper for Fine Art Photographs and Shiny PaintingsHahnemühle Fine Art Baryta
Basic Photopaper/”Proofing” PaperLexjet Semi Matte
Basic Matte “Proofing” PaperLexjet Archival Matte

These are our preferred papers to get you started. We carry a huge range of specialty fine art giclée substrates, but more often than not one of these recommended papers is what our clients choose as well. You can read more detailed information about each paper on our Papers and Canvas Types Page. If you are in the Seattle area you are welcome to stop by our studio and explore our paper sample book as well. Or you can order a paper sample pack (which includes these basic papers and a few specialty choices) by emailing us.


Giclee canvases with black edges


Graphic Editing

In some cases the artist will want us to correct an imperfection in the original piece of art, remove mistakes, or remove signatures from the original artwork, add text, and other assorted adjustments, changes and additions. We have the expertise to handle the most demanding digital editing needs. While basic editing services are included in the proofing process, we charge extra for advanced digital editing.

Examples of editing include:

  • Signature removal from original art
  • Removing stains or cracks from original
  • Cloning edges for gallery finishing on canvas prints
  • Removing scratches and imperfections from old film
  • Removing mistakes from original at artist’s request
  • Enhancing or correcting color from the original
  • Collage work, and other Photoshop digital editing
  • Color space adjustment (AdobeRGB, ProPhoto, CYMK, Ektachrome, etc.)

Finishing Services

Canvas Framing Options


Gallery-wrap giclee canvases


Canvas Stretching: We can stretch your giclée canvas print to the size and dimensions you specify. We have a full range of canvas stretcher bars in stock. Please see our pricing page for more details. Our frames are custom milled and cut, allowing us to make your print any size you want. We are not restricted to standard frame sizes.

Gallery Profile: Otherwise known as frameless gallery installations, gallery wrap, or museum wrap. This is also shown above in editing services. For gallery profile or museum wrap stretching we clone the painting out 1″ (one inch) for standard gallery wrap, and 2″ (2 inches) for museum wrap on all sides, so when stretched over the canvas it appears to be painted around the edges of the frame. For photography the image is simply printed at the size specified + margins, so photographers need to prepare their images accordingly.

canvas edges-450x175

UV Coatings

Protective UV Coating: Your artwork can be coated using several styles of coating. We offer Breathing Color Timeless Gloss, Satin or Matte coatings for added UV protection and longevity. The UV Coatings are generally only used for canvas. In fact, we highly recommend that all canvas prints be UV coated for protection, longevity, and to bring out the colors. On rare occasions we will UV coat paper prints when we want the print to look like oil or acrylic on canvas, or if an artist is embellishing the print and it needs extra protection. Photo Papers (Glossy Papers) can’t be UV-coated.

Deckled Edges: A deckle edge can add a nice finishing touch to your artwork. We use a special technique to hand tear the edges of your print to match the look and character of mould-made rag paper.


Certificate of Authenticity (COA): Adding a certificate of authenticity to your print can ensure potential buyers that a limited edition print run is indeed limited. It states the number printed by the printer to date, when it was produced, as well as information about the artist and the original art scan. Open edition prints can still benefit from a COA that states when the work was reproduced and a guarantee of high-quality archival inks, papers and canvas.


Graphic Arts Services

We can provide graphic arts services to artists and corporate clients who need graphic artwork, photoshop editing, adobe illustrator work, Flash animation, etc. The charge for graphic arts services is $75 per hour and is all inclusive of studio costs. We are MAC and PC compatible.

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