Friday Feature Art Scanning: Abstract Artists

Date posted: August 18, 2017

Happy Friday! This week we have a fabulous group of energetic and inspiring Abstract Artists for you! Pure Abstraction can be tricky – too little and the work falls flat, too much and you have a colorful mess. But this group of painters has successfully struck a balance in their pieces, creating beautiful and dynamic abstract works.

Jennifer Chin-Harsh Pills with Stiff Edges

“Harsh Pills with Stiff Edges” Jennifer Chin

Jennifer Chin‘s textured and dynamic Abstract pieces show off her love of paint. Splashes of gold and silver crackle against rich teal and earth-toned fields of paint. Jennifer describes her process, “Each painting evolves while I work and rework it. Materials chosen through series of playful experiments inspire design. A planned composition starts from the inside out; where each layer influences the next. Yet deep pours of acrylic shift and slide. Chance creates cracks and unexpected textures. Individual pigment particles swirl and settle in diluted paint. I see logic and beauty emerge from this chaos. In a harsh everyday existence I create my escape into a soothing and contemplative alternative.”

"Symphony in Cerulean and Taupe" by Lisa Daniels

“Symphony in Cerulean and Taupe” by Lisa Daniels

Artist Lisa Daniels creates abstract works based on Architecture and Sound. While she also enjoys painting in a traditional style, she explores the abstract version to create a unity between the two styles. They can be paired together, combining the subject seen through her eyes to the abstract created by her emotion and expression. The paintings can also stand alone, each on their own telling their individual story to the viewer.

"Champagne" by Erin Mercando

“Champagne” by Erin Mercando

Erin Mercando makes adorable baby clothing and designs, but she also creates whimsical abstract paintings to brighten her world. The pieces reflect the balance of her hectic yet vibrant family life, and carry a sense of joy with them.

"(De)struction of a Hero 3" by Carl Faulkner

“(De)struction of a Hero 3” by Carl Faulkner

Artist Carl Faulkner usually paints colorful and erotic figurative pieces. However his previous body of work explored the conceptual content of Comic Books, by deconstructing the individual elements of color and line work, and re-assembling them in these broiling abstract Oil Paintings. His vivid use of color and dynamic line quality pays homage to the often unseen beauty of the comic medium, and immerses us in a unique and rich dreamworld.

"One Way or the Other" by John Osgood

“One Way or the Other” by John Osgood

John Osgood’s artwork has a street style feel with an urban design and is inspired by street art, as well as Picasso’s cubist period, Basquiat and Pollock. John is a painter, muralist and illustrator. There’s a playful balance between his cartoony lines and dynamic abstract components.

"Listen While I Talk on Against Time" by Molly Nixon

“Listen While I Talk on Against Time” by Molly Nixon

By far the most minimalist artist we’re featuring here, Molly Nixon literally strips her watercolors down to the bare essence of color. Her paintings create a dynamic balance of color and negative space, vibrating with a simple elegance.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse at some of our favorite artists in the field of abstraction!

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