Laurie Lee Brom grew up in the historical town of Charleston, South Carolina, the local ghost stories and folk tales of the swampy Low County, and rich Gullah culture stirring her imagination. She spent untold hours pursuing pixies and tree frogs in the hollow logs and Pluff Mud of her own backyard. Today she still pursues magical fairy folk along with all manner of curious ghosts and odd characters in her enchanting portraits and paintings. Looming mysterious out of swampy darkness, draped in a twilight ambiance – her subjects pose ghostly and beautiful. Surrounded by decorative botanical elements culled from the old south, vintage fashions and summoned spirits – they beckon the viewer with their secret stories.

Laurie Lee studied Illustration, and has spent the last 6 years returning to her passion of painting. She shows at galleries around the country, including Copro Gallery in LA and Marcas Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, CA. Her most recent solo show was at Roq La Rue Gallery in 2013. Brom’s work was also featured in “Women of Wonder: Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art.” She recently won the Spectrum 22 Silver Award in Institutional Art for her painting “Bad Seed.”

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