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Art of the Day: Paul Knutzen

Floating World by Paul Knutzen - fine art scan and giclee prints

Paul Knutzen is a local artist who currently lives in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of South Seattle. Paul attributes his interest in art to his father, a painter himself, who exposed Paul to a wide range of art as a child. He graduated from Seattle Central Community College with a degree in graphic art and […]

Art of the Day: Syd Bee

Self Portrait by Syd Bee, art scan

Syd Bee is an up and coming Seattle artist we’re super excited about at Bellevue Fine Art. She recently graduated from Cornish College of the Arts and now shows in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Her dreamy pastel women and creatures seem to inhabit their own world, which we get a little glimpse of in […]

Art of the Day: Laurie Lee Brom

Artwork by Laurie Brom @ Roq La Rue

One of our favorite artists to work with is the fantastic Laurie Lee Brom. Her immaculately rendered surrealist portraits never fail to inspire and astound. Laurie Lee grew up in the historical town of Charleston, South Carolina, the local ghost stories and folk tales of the swampy Low County, and rich Gullah culture stirring her […]

Art of the Day: Siolo Thompson

Artwork by Siolo Thompson

Siolo Thompson is a self taught visual artist who lives and works in Seattle, WA. She uses multiple mediums and techniques in her work with a focus on draftsmanship and narrative development. A background in Comparative Literature aids Thompson in her quest to translate complex ideas, stories and emotions into the language of visual art. […]

Art of the Day: New work by Chris Sheridan

Artwork by Chris Sheridan

Here’s a new piece by one of our favorite artists, “Transformation” by Chris Sheridan. We always love seeing his work in the studio! Sheridan’s work explores folklore and mythology, painted with confident raw brushstrokes and vibrant colors. Stories are the lifeblood of his paintings, which draw influence from the effects of magic and religion as […]